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We are a laboratory with our heart on earth.

We are an independent laboratory, established in March 2007 to serve companies, associations, cooperatives, research entities, technicians and private producers from various parts of the world.

equipa de trabalho em laboratório de análise químicas
Alan EvansLab Manager na empresa A2 Análises Químicas



We exist to serve farmers and the technicians who support them, by offering specialized, competitive analytical services, with high technical rigor so that our clients have better productive results combined with the lowest environmental and economic impact.



Through scientific rigor and sensitivity, we intend to return to agriculture and other basic environmental sectors their enormous attractions, essences and all the potential they have in civil society.

Ângela Mendes CEO da empresa A2 Análise Químicas
equipa de trabalho em laboratório de análises químicas em Guimarães



Our activities are developed with the aim of exceeding our customers’ expectations, creating a solid connection, through the provision of services with a high level of quality and quickly.

Our work bases are always based on:

– Customer focus
– Continuous improvement of the organization’s performance
– Laboratory excellence service and customer loyalty
– Socio-environmental responsibility

We are an independent laboratory

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